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The Nano-Tera initiative aims to bring Switzerland to the forefront of a new technological revolution: using engineering and information technology to improve health and security, and to broaden our management of energy and the environment. fosters collaborative research, bridging traditional disciplines (such as electrical engineering, bio-medical sciences and computer/communication sciences) and crossbreeding hardware and software technologies in the areas of implantable/wearable, ambient/environment and energy systems.

The broad objectives of the program are

to improve quality of life and security of people

to create innovative products, technologies and manufacturing methods

to deepen the understanding of enabling technologies

to reduce scientific concepts to practice, through the production of scientific and technological discoveries as well as system demonstrators

to master the novel challenges of designing complex multi-scale systems

to foster collaboration among researchers and industries that are partners or supporters of the research projects. has achieved outstanding results in the areas of biosensing, designing medical implants and support tools for medicine, as well as monitoring systems for the environment. Success stories include, but are not limited to, developing 3-dimensional integrated circuits with fluidic cooling (in cooperation with IBM), sensors for biomarkers in the bloodstream (with Menarini Diagnostics) and ECC coupled with wireless transmission systems, electro/optical textiles for monitoring decubitus ulcers (in cooperation with the Zurich University Hospital and the Swiss Paraplegic center in Nottwil) and a network or rock-displacement detectors to protect the Matter valley from rockslides. currently funds research projects involving about 700 researchers and 27 industrial partners, and supports about 120 doctoral theses. is a partnership involving the two Swiss Polytechnics (EPFL, ETHZ), four universities (Neuchâtel Basel, Geneva, Lugano) and CSEM. All Swiss universities and research centers can benefit from Nano-Tera grants. The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) contributes to the Nano-Tera program by evaluating and monitoring the large research projects through an international panel of experts, thus ensuring the high scientific quality of the program.

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