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Institute of Materials

The IMX hosts 16 laboratories with expertise covering a wide spectrum of materials classes and analysis techniques. Research at the IMX has broad relevance to manufacturing, with potential applications ranging from bio- and micro-electronic devices to automotive, energy, aerospace and even biomedical or recreational applications.

Research into fundamentals of materials processing constitutes the core of our activities in advanced manufacturing. Activities related to shaping, forming, joining, casting or net-shape additive manufacturing of 1D to 3 D shapes are based on research exploring surface phenomena, microstructural development, transient transport phenomena, rheology of solids and fluids, mechanics at several scales, thermodynamics, kinetics, and atomistic simulation. Several research activities relate to lean manufacturing including sustainable materials processing and overall optimization of the economic and environmental impact of products. In parallel, research areas contributing to the development of new materials have relevance to manufacturing, as such materials enables new methods of production as well as new products.

Letzte Aktualisierung: 14.11.2018