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Vision for Robotics Lab

The Vision for Robotics Lab (V4RL,, led by Prof. Margarita Chli, is internationally renowned in the field of robotic perception for navigation, collaboration, scene estimation and understanding. Drawing inspiration from disciplines, such as Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience we research and develop vision-based perception and collaboration capabilities for robots with a focus on small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), as some of the most agile and challenging platforms for robotic perception. With their high agility, fast dynamics and limited onboard resources, the choice of sensors and algorithms able to run onboard and in real-time is the challenge we are faced with; albeit at the promise of high impact in real missions, such as archaeological site digitisation, search-and-rescue and industrial inspection. With involvement in several national and international projects with academia and industry (e.g. Horizon 2020, NCCR Robotics, SNSF) our vision is to automate robot navigation, collaboration and interaction with the environment, promising to change the way we perceive and employ robots today.