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Center for Information Technology, Society, and Law

The increasing collection of data and the processing thereof by means of new forms, such as Cloud Computing, Big Data and sensor-controlled networks (Internet of Things), open up entirely new and unexpected opportunities in the fields of research, economy and society. The ground breaking evolvement of information technology in all kinds of activities, undertaken by individuals and society, involves certain risks. Therefore, the Competence Center for Information Technology, Society, and Law (ITSL) at the University of Zurich wants to contribute to the safe usage of the aforementioned chances and to address the risks that are associated with it. ITSL aims at bundling the existing competences while disregarding faculty frontiers, fostering the interdisciplinary research and collaboration within the university and to encourage the transfer of knowledge in favor of politics and economy.

Prof. Weber, one of the ITSL’s founders, has already done extensive work related to the Internet of Things (books and legal articles).

Last updated: 19.11.2018