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Computer Perception and Virtual Reality research group

Our institute Human Centered Engineering, shortly HUCE, combines novel technologies and know-how which has been gained from former interdisciplinary research projects to build new products for industry and medical applications. HUCE is divided into several very specialized working groups, like the laboratory of computer perception and virtual reality, HUCE-cpvrLab for short. The focus of our laboratory in research and education is computer perception, virtual reality, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. These techniques has been applied in former research projects to virtual reality simulations and medical informatic applications. Now, we see new and complex applications of these techniques in the area of computer game programming and game AI. As a result, new courses has been added to our curriculum to deepen our knowledge and competences in this area.

The core competences in artificial intelligence of our institute are as follows:

• Intelligent search techniques

• Optimization algorithms for discrete and combinatorial optimization problems

• Algorithms for planning and scheduling

• Game AI, that is artificial intelligence for games, which includes decision making, planning and path finding.

Last updated: 13.02.2019