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Institut für Medizinal- und Analysetechnologie; Implantatentwicklung

The Institute for Medical and Analytical Technologies has a long tradition and expertise in additive manufacturing (AM). IMA is a driving force for applied research in AM for MedTech industries and clinics. The institute is well connected throughout Europe and was involved in several European and nationally funded projects.

IMA runs several Selective Laser Melting machines for metals. Beside testing different metallic materials such as NiTi or magnesium, IMA is running a qualified AM process for the production of titanium implants.

In terms of ceramics, IMA is doing research with bone replacing materials like Hydroxyapatite and Tricalcium-Phosphate.

Furthermore, IMA operates different polymer machines, either for UV curable acrylic multi-materials or as extrusion plotters for ABS, PLA, PCLA or laser sintering machines for PA or TPU.

Beside this unique AM and quality expertise, IMA has established complementary knowhow towards industry 4.0. We are developing novel AM processes and software solutions to shift and distribute design and manufacturing skills to end-users. This allows different industries to develop new business models and new service designs along with AM and digital manufacturing.

Last updated: 13.11.2018