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Pôle de propriété intellectuelle et de l'innovation

The Centre for Intellectual Property and Innovation [PI]2 considers the legal aspects of innovation from 3 angles, in a holistic and multidisciplinary approach: intellectual property (IP), commercial law, and tax law. New approaches to IP ownership and technology transfer will be necessary as innovation and manufacturing are ever more collaborative and open. With regard to “Open Innovation” and “Creative Commons”, which will play a major role in the development of “Additive Manufacturing” and “Industry 4.0”, the focus is on developing teaching and research activities related to the following central issues:

• Management of immaterial goods in particular with regard to patents (including life sciences, bio- and medtech), copyright, design law, and the rules of origin

• Clarification of rules dealing with limitations of right holders’ exclusive rights, in particular relative to private use

• State-of-the-art licensing schemes based on new business models for “Industry 4.0” and “Additive Manufacturing”

• New counterfeiting and piracy challenges

• Development of regulations at international level, including an international private law approach.

Last updated: 14.11.2018