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Research Institute for Security in the Information Society

The mission is to design and implement novel techniques and tools to further advance IT security in the information society.

Core Competences

• Design, implementation and security review of cryptographic systems

• Malware analysis and reverse engineering

• Security engineering in the domains of IP, web intelligence, forensics and mobile applications

• Privacy-by-design such as secure electronic voting, e-ticketing and road pricing systems

• Working with large sensitive datasets, e.g. in medical applications

• Secure “Internet of Things” (sIoT) and wireless communications

Research Groups

• Security Engineering Lab: Development of novel techniques for improving and analyzing the security of IT systems in the domains of web intelligence, forensics, security in IP, malware analysis and reverse engineering

• E-Voting Group: Design of secure protocols for electronic voting

• Security and Privacy Group: Development and promotion of privacy-enhancing technologies

• Wireless Communications and Secure Internet of Things: Establishment of a generic sIoT platform aiming at a high

reuse factor for IoT projects, provisioning of low-energy and low bandwidth connectivity among actors and sensors

Last updated: 19.11.2018