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System-on-chip design & techology

System-on-chip design & technology

Electronic devices are ubiquitous. From consumer electronics to transportation, from healthcare to factory automation; the applications of electronic devices continue to rapidly grow and diversify, driven by the trend toward smart, adaptable solutions and embedded systems, massive growth in the number and types of devices connected to the Internet, and advances in the capabilities of electronic devices afforded by Moore’s law.

Wireless & short-range communications

Enabling IoT and wearables: Cutting-edge know-how in low-power radio, standards- based or dedicated proprietary protocols, and miniaturized systems for the next generation of ULP, adaptable, and robust wireless systems.

CSEM is a national innovation accelerator— a catalyst for the transfer of technologies and know-how from fundamental research to industry. This role involves four principal tasks: we develop and maintain technology platforms, we integrate and combine technologies into workable systems, we mature those technologies until using them will add value to our industrial clients, then we support the process of transferring those technologies to industry.

Last updated: 14.11.2018