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Hochschule für Technik

The Institutes of Automation, Business Engineering and 4D-Technologies of the FHNW School of Engineering work in close collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence. Their researchers cooperate with partners in industry to develop a range of applications, such as for the forecasting of building parameters, the automated processing of medical reports, or matching systems for recruitment websites.


• Classification and forecasting systems: classification of complex measuring and sensor signals for determining forecasts used in the control of mechatronic systems.

• Process mining: statistical pattern recognition methods with algorithms. Intelligent decision support systems in the context of operational order planning and control in single-part production.

• Engineer-to-order portal: collaborative requirement specifications and decentralisation of intelligent systems and decisions based on process mining.

• BI4.0 in production logistics: intelligent decision support for the recognition of process patterns and analysis of deviations and their causes.

• Machine learning methods with big data, often in combination with natural language processing.

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