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Organisational Intelligence How to foster interdisciplinary collaboration to increase innovation

In this project we developed a conceptual tool to increase the innovation output of a company. The tool helps in identifying the innovation potentials of a company, starting by the manifold interactions within the company, among ist people on every hierarchy level, as well as between the people of the company and ist environment, made of the company's customers, its suppliers, its partners etc.

Innovative ideas come to the company in many forms. Sometimes as a request for a product or a service, that the company does not offer yet, sometimes as a suggestion or even a claim.

We developed guidelines to: a) structure the organization in order to help detecting these innovation potentials and improving it from a rough idea into a full-fledged proposal. b) putting lean processes in place to fairly select among the proposal. c) improve the quality of the multi-disciplinary interactions within innovation projects.

These elements have a modular character, so that they can be used singularly as well as in combination with one another, according to the requirements of the company.