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Information Management Research Group

The information management research group investigates how human work can be supported by IT solutions. In this context, the HORIZON 2020 project FACTS4WORKERS raises the questions of how people work and learn, how they interact with new technologies and how we can create attractive and challenging work environments. The answers to these questions are the key to successful sociotechnical solutions for production processes.

We want to contribute to the vision of a “smart factory” in which smart workers play a central role in the production process and ICT solutions support them in the best possible way. As the most flexible element, smart workers are the focus of attention, and their role is extended beyond factory work’s conventional automated storage routine activities. An autonomous work environment will help them improve knowledge sharing and effective knowledge acquirement in the workplace. As the result of an iterative process, we will design an infrastructure that enables better decision-making ability, increased participation and increased autonomy and protects production workers.

Letzte Aktualisierung: 19.11.2018