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Institute for Machine Learning

The Institute for Machine Learning (IML) in the Departement Informatik of ETH Zurich is devoted to research and teaching of intelligent systems, learning algorithms and design of inference systems. The theoretical foundation of statistical learning as well as challenging practical applications in medical informatics, natural language processing and data science are investigated to shape future trends in data science.

IML hosts four professorships on Information Science & Engineering (J. Buhmann), Learning & Adaptive Systems (A. Krause), Data Analytics (T. Hofmann) and Biomedical Informatics (G. Rätsch) with together more than 50 researchers. ETH Zurich jointly with the Max-Planck Society have established a Center for Learning Systems that is supported by the departments INFK, MAVT & ITET.

Research and teaching projects at IML cover the following topics:

• Statistical learning theory, algorithm validation, neuroimaging, computational pathology, digital cardiology

• Adaptive systems, artificial intelligence, optimization & submodularity, sensor networks, robotics

• Data analytics, text understanding, deep learning, information retrieval

• Medical informatics, computational genomics, medical document analysis