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Institute of Complex Systems

iCoSys defines its scope in the emerging field of complex information systems for which informatics, intelligent data analysis, massively distributed computing, mathematical modeling and systems engineering are the main supports. By promoting the transfer of knowledge and technology from the academic field to industries, the Institute intends to develop interdisciplinary approaches and build national and international cooperation. Ongoing research projects include environmental applications, smart buildings, energy management, pathology detection, smart mobility and industry 4.0. From a scientific perspective, iCoSys specializes in areas such as massive information processing, cloud computing, machine learning, business intelligence and artificial intelligence. iCoSys’ team include 8 professors and about 15 collaborators including PhD students and engineers in charge of technology transfers to industries. iCoSys has also access to a significant internal infrastructure for cloud computing, big data and data analytics running Hadoop Hortonworks and OpenStack.

Letzte Aktualisierung: 04.12.2018