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Istituto sistemi e elettronica applicata

ISEA studies aspects of electronics technologies and technical computer science applied to product development.

The main expertise is the design of embedded systems, high frequency telecommunication systems, biomedical systems and precise and miniaturized systems. As indicated by the name, the terms “systems” and “applied” emphasise the applicative nature of the activities, aimed at supporting innovation in companies by means of joint new-product development. Design and validation of the developed ideas help to optimize the final prototype.

In many of our projects, additive manufacturing was identified as a highly useful tool in both test phase and pre-industrial prototyping. Thereby, it allows avoiding defined problems and helps in the development of the final functional solution.

In addition, the additive manufacturing technology is subject of our research. A current R&D project is carried out to realise a 3D printer that uses recycled PET from domestic waste. The aim is to recycle disposable plastics for the market of developing countries.

Letzte Aktualisierung: 13.11.2018