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Laboratory for Applied Wood Materials

The research groups develop functional wood and cellulose based materials for a broad range of applications. They are interested in the 3D printing of lignocellulosic materials. A first study has been carried out and reports on the formulation and application of viscoelastic cellulose nanocrystals inks that enable the fabrication of three-dimensional objects by direct ink writing. The work has been carried out in collaboration with Prof. Jennifer Lewis, Harvard University and Prof. André Studart, ETHZ.


Recently, the lab acquired an own 3D Bioplotter located in Empa’s Coating Competence Center. Here, the goal is to develop and investigate hierarchically-structured cellulose-based composites whose microstructures resemble those of biological materials exhibiting superior mechanical performance. The developed synthetic composites will allow us to gain a deeper understanding over the structure-property relationships at multiple length scales in hierarchical architectures, thus providing guidelines for the fabrication of stronger, tougher and lighter composite materials.

Letzte Aktualisierung: 09.11.2018