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Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials & Nanostructures

The Lab for Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures focusses on the synthesis of three-dimensionally architectured metals and ceramics through combination of

a) galvanoforming with 3D microprinting and UV-lithography,

b) ALD on templated 3D substrates, and

c) 3D focused electron/ion beam direct-write CVD & etching.


Current research projects are related to the purity and crystallinity of electroplated alloys, the co-deposition of noble

and non-noble elements by focused electron beams, the mechanical stability of alloys, the strength and ductility of 3D galvanoformed parts as well as the investigation of deposition mechanisms in 3D nanoprinting.


The activities in additive manufacturing are performed by two synthesis research groups which are supported by two analysis research groups with a large number of cutting-edge analytical techniques ranging from micromechanical testing, electron microscopy, surface and thin film analysis, to optical spectroscopy. The close vicinity of synthesis and analysis infrastructure enables a rapid material and process development as well as developing tailored material

analysis techniques.

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