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Industrial automation

CSEM’s automation research activity develops technologies for enhanced manufacturing and process flexibility, making high-quality, small-to-medium-volume products possible. The aim is to drive the competitiveness of easy-to-use, automated solutions with facilitated man-machine interaction and eco-friendly production processes with an attractive total cost of ownership compared to remote production sites abroad.

Vision systems play an essential role in many fields including automation, quality control, agriculture, food safety, non-destructive testing, automotive applications, scientific instrumentation, space, and biomedical applications.

CSEM is a national innovation accelerator – a catalyst for the transfer of technologies and know-how from fundamental research to industry. This role involves four principal tasks: we develop and maintain technology platforms, we integrate and combine technologies into workable systems, we mature those technologies until using them will add value to our industrial clients, then we support the process of transferring those technologies to industry.

Our broad field of expertise – microengineering – is a fundamental ingredient of Swiss industry.

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