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Maison d'analyse des processus sociaux

The MAPS Center for research and teaching brings together anthropologists, economists, geographers, migration scholars, political scientists, psychologists and sociologists working on the issue of “social innovation”: how innovation develops out of social processes and contributes, in turn, to societal change. The MAPS’s social innovation agenda includes both fundamental and applied research in areas such as innovation policy and regional development, urban planning and smart cities, technology transfer, citizen sciences, integration and mobility studies, participative methodologies in institutional management, and educational policy for the promotion of lifelong learning.

The MAPS‘s competences can contribute to the development of the Swiss “Additive Manufacturing” and “Industry 4.0” landscape in the following areas: new forms of property rights and management (e.g. “Creative Commons” and “Open Innovation”); changing relations to technology in sharing economies; emerging practices to promote ecological and social causes (crowdsourcing, responsible innovation); and new forms of creativity facilitated by digital environments (e.g. the “makers” movement).

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